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Angharad percy

Hello, my name is Angharad (she/her) and I’m a qualified Psychotherapeutic Humanistic Counsellor.

Life is challenging and regardless of who we are, life events can affect our ability to cope. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds who bring many different experiences. Such issues include anxiety, anger, depression, self esteem/confidence, bereavement, terminal illness, sex and relationship issues, trauma and domestic abuse.

Regardless of such labels however, as a humanistic therapist I respect the idea that whatever your experiences, they are unique to you. I therefore offer a non-judgemental, empathic space in which we can begin to explore these together, at a pace that feels safe and in a way that feels most comfortable for you.

Over time I believe that a gentle and compassionate exploration can lead to a re-framing of experiences and a greater level of understanding and self-awareness. This increased awareness can also shine a light on the extent to which your choices and behaviours may be rooted in past strategies which perhaps once served you but are now unhelpful. Such insights can bring a feeling of freedom around choices you may make going forward as well as promoting self-compassion.

I believe that relationship is key and that with the right person, it is possible to bring about change. For my part, I feel that previous experience I have working as a lawyer can help focus the gentle but genuine curiosity I have in others. As I work alongside my clients, my hope is that this focus will help bring about in both of us, an insight which is honest and helpful. The time I spent working in a corporate environment has also given me some insight into the pressures that can arise out of working in an intense, professional environment which some may find helpful.

My practice is allied with and welcoming of all genders and sexualities.


I offer short-term therapy (i.e 6, 12 or 24 weeks) as well as long term, open-ended therapy.

I work in person in private therapy rooms in Hove or online via Skype. For those who require some flexibility, it is possible to work in different ways, week to week.

First session

I offer an initial 50 minute session at a reduced rate of £35. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions, to understand a bit more about how I work and for me to have a brief understanding of what brings you to therapy. 

If you don't feel we are a 'good fit' then there is no obligation to continue beyond this. 

Get in touch...

For any questions you might have or to book an appointment please get in touch:

Tel: 07525 641114

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